Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ho Chi Minh Trip - Part 1 of 2

I was holidaying in Ho Chi Minh from 12th May to 16th May. The group size is 40 pax. We took Garuda Indonesia flight, fm Singapore to Ho Chi Minh is 1 hr 40 mins. Matthew is the Tour Leader.

Me with the tour guide Mr Loo in front of Ho Chi Minh monument.

View fm the hand of Jesus Statue

Jesus Statue. We have to climb up a distance in order to get to c this Jesus Statue.

Elephant Ear Fish

Huge dragon fruits growing from the tree in Phung Islet, a local village that produces coconut candy.

This ship has been used by 梁朝伟 to film 情人.

This is the first destination we went after we landed at Ho Chi Minh, Cu Chi Village. The journey is abt 1 hour plus fm the airport.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Friend's fm Chatroom

This family is fm Perth, Australia, i got to know the guy in green through chatroom, the lady beside him is his wife and the guy beside me is his brother-in-law. His sister husband.


Me having dinner in a kimono.
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