Sunday, November 25, 2007

Visit of Haydairies Goat Farm and Spring Orchid on 25th November 2007

Hay Dairies

Passion Fruit

Not sure what is this as they didn't state the name there

Koo Chye

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit tree

Then it's off to Haydairies Goat Farm as the bus got goes there and since Spring Orchard is next door to Haydairies Goat Farm, pay a visit to it also.

Visit of Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve on 25th November 2007


Have not been to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve before, so took the opportunity to visit the place since that there's a bus from Kranji MRT that goes to the Kranji Countyside. Details can be found on But find that the bus is quite small because quite a number of people goes there during the weekend. The bus operates daily and understand from the driver that it's quite crowded during the weekend. There are 3 routes but only walk the route 1.

Photo taking of Orchard Road Light-up on 24th November 2007

Was at Orchard Road yesterday and decided to take some picture of the light-up.

Christmas Tree at Takashimaya

Photo taken in the afternoon

One of the picture is taken outside Hereen and the other one is opposite Hereen

Outside Paragon

Christmas Tree outside Paragon

A close up of the deco of the christmas tree outside Paragon

At CK Tang

Outside Isetan Scotts

Outside Isetan Scotts

Outside Isetan Scotts

Outside Boarder Wheelock Place

Appearance of 陈志财and潘玲玲 at Singtel Roadshow on 24th November 2007

Performance by Jazz Kids


潘玲玲 in the midst of doing a recording.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Wholemeal Biscuits made on 23rd November 2007

Saw a wholemeal biscuits recipe at, so decided to give it a try and i used half of the ingredients. My oven is small so i can't put all the cookies inside, first round i bake for 20 mins and the colour is darker and the second round i bake for 15 mins and the colour is lighter.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

炸酱面 dinner on 22th November 2007

Actually wanted to prepared this dish when it's first taught in 厨房笔记 but drag it until today.

Dinner at Velocity/Novena Square on 21th November 2007

This Grilled Fish rice is from Velocity Foodcourt, friend was telling me that there's a stall at Plaza Singapura and Tiong Bahru Foodcourt that is selling this and there's queue and this is a 'copycat'.

This picture is taken from Velocity, wanted to take a picture of the decoration at the entrance but the lights is not on yet.

Then it's off to our yummy yummy Donut Factory for our coffee cum donut time. Thought will be a lot of people but for dine-in, there's not much people whereby for takeaway, there's people queuing. Ordered a minted chocolate dount and a cup of coffee and a free glazed donut is given.

This is what my friend ordered.

Cheesecake Brownies & Steamed Durian Cake made on 20th November 2007

Saw a Cheesecake Brownie recipe in and decided to give it a try.

Saw a recipe on Steamed Durian Custard Cake in and decided to give it a try, but could not get hold of durian so replace it with banana and i did half of the recipe and also not the custard.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

BentoBox & Banana Cupcakes

X'mas Tree at Jurong Point

This box of bento is from Bento Box at Jurong Point (2nd storey), find that the price is reasonable ($8.90) and there's a 25% discount if u order between 11am ~ 12pm.

Saw a Durian Cupcake from a blogger blog, but could not get hold of durian, so i replace it with banana and add a bit of mixed fruits to it.
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