Friday, September 28, 2007

Small Celebration for Friend Birthday - 27th September 2007

Today 28th September 2007 is my friend birthday, we are suppose to meet at Bukit Timah Hawker Centre for our favourite Stringray dinner, but because of the rain and my friend is riding bike, we change our venue to 别府 at Far East Square, which is near my friend office.

We ordered a ramen and a pineapple rice.

Wanna get a cake for her, so went to the nearby cake shop to look around, but couldn't find her favourite cake, so in the end, got her a piece of cheesecake and a chicken pie from Don. But the chicken pie end up being her lunch for 2day (she's on leave 2day).

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Movie - Underdog - 25th September 2007

Went to watch Underdog yesterday, it was a nice movie.

Blogger Friends Gathering - 24th September 2007

On Monday, 24th September 2007, Nicole, Sharon (娃娃), Richard, Eileen and i met up at Toa Payoh Burger King for a gatherinig. Wendy suppose to join us, but because she is sick, so she's not able to join us. Nicole, Sharon (娃娃), and i have our dinner at Burger King while Richard and Eileen join us for chit chat and at around 8 plus, they left for home to have their dinner with their family. And the 3 of us continue to chit chat till around 10pm. Too bad, same as Nicole, i forgot to take picture. Thanks to Eileen for her mooncake.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Clarke Quay - 22 September 2007

Yesterday after dinner at my Aunty house, went to Clarke Quay for walk. It was so crowded.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Lotus Paste Snowskin Mooncake baked on 21th September 2007

Actually i want to do traditional mooncake, but in the end, change my mind and do snowskin mooncake.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chocolate Walnut Cake baked on 18th September 2007

Chocolate Walnut Cake just out from the oven waiting to cool down.

After cool down

This is my not successful chocolate walnut cake as it slant in one side.


Thank you for all the encouragement given on the bread. Actually in the first place after making the bread and seeing the results, thought of giving up in making the bread, firstly troublesome, secondly lazy, thirdly seeing everyone bread is so nice and mine is 不像样. But after seeing the encouragement, i will 再接再厉 and not give up.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Bread - 2nd attempt - 17th Sept 2007

Before 发酵
After 发酵
Before baking
After baking

After seeing so many people making bread, i decided to try making bread again myself. But compare to the rest of them, mine is still 不像样.

Red Wine Residue Chicken cooked on 17th Sept 2007

Could not get hold of glutinous rice wine, so bought white rice wine to replace it and cooked this Red Wine Residue Chicken.

Tanjong Pagar/Chinatown - 16th Sept 2007

Saw from Nicole blog that Tanjong Pagar market will be undergoing renovation, so yesterday thought wanna go there to eat my favourite Lor Mee, but to my disappointment, it was already closed from Saturday (15th September 2007) for renovation until end of next month.

So went to Maxwell Market to eat the porridge with the long queue, and there is this uncle that is queuing behind me, he's with a group of aunties, a bit irritating as this group of aunties can't really decide what they want and keep walking to and fro and telling this uncle what they want and changing their orders.

As 彿牙寺 is opposite Maxwell Market, so went in to take a look. After that made a trip to Chinatown to jalan jalan, it was crowded.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Botanic Garden - 15th Sept 2007

An ang-mo lady was passing by when i was about to take this picture, she said "This flower is very beautiful".

Have not been to Botanic Gardens for a long time, so yesterday went to visit Botanic Gardens.

Natas Fair - 14th Sept 2007

I took a day off on Friday (14th September 2007) in order to go to Natas Fair to have a look. Thinking that friday is a working day and there won't be so many people, but i was wrong, the exhibition is suppose to open at 12noon, but when i reach a 11.30am, there's a lot of people quening at the ticketing booth liao. After buying tickets to go in, still looks ok as the hall is big, but in the later part of the day, the crowd seem to be getting bigger and bigger and there's a lot of people queuing at the individual travel agency to enquiy about tours.

He's a tour guide from Vietnam and is in Singapore for the Natas Fair helping out in one of the travel agency.

Korea Sparkling

Korea Fashion Show

Performance of Taiwan dance

As airport and expo is nearby and Andrew and Janice is returning to UK yesterday morning 2.10am flight, wanna send them off, but the timing is not right, so in the end i didn't go send them off.

My friend have a open house in her new office premise and there's seminar going on but i'm not so keen in insurance topic seminar, so i didn't attend.

In the end, i went to Gin Hin Lee at Haig Road to get some bakery stuffs and mountain tortoise me wanted to get fresh cream and as i didn't see fresh cream but whipping cream, so i ask the staff abt it, and the staff told me that fresh cream and whipping cream is the same. I doubt it and didn't buy it, so i msg Mary and ask her and she reply me it is the same, but in the end i didn't buy it as it's a 1 litter pack and i might only use it one time and it will be a waste.

Butter Cake baked on 13th Sept 2007

After seeing Hui Fen bake a butter cake, i was tempted to bake it too, so on thur, i baked this cake, but i forgot to take a pic of the whole cake till i cut the cake then i realised that i have forgotten about it.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Xiao Fa Gao

The other time i tried making Xiao Fa Gao, it was unsucessful, this time, i try again, yet it was still not so sucessful.

Movie - Evan Almighty

Went to watch Evan Almighty at Jurong East Entertainment Centre yesterday. Quite a nice movie.

Happen to see Capsule Machine with Ratatouille and put in $1 and out came a ball with the above handphone strip.

Passing by a bread shop, saw this durian bread and as i like durian, so bought this bread for breadfast.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Games Convention Fair 2007

Went to the World Food Fair in the late afternoon on Saturday and realise that there's a Games Convention Fair 2007 going on and went in to take a look.

惠芬 & 可楹

This is cute cute 可楹, 惠芬 daughter.

可楹 being carried by 惠芬 maid.

可楹 drinking milk and not forgetting to blink her eyes when taking picture.

惠芬 in the midst of learning how to bake Light Cheese Cake.

惠芬 & 可楹 (blinking her eyes when taking photo)

可楹 playing with her milk bottles.

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