Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Repost - Live Show of 老夫子 by Jteam at AMK Hub 26th January 2008

I have repost this as some of u have mention that u have not seen me before and there's a picture of me in this post.

Was at AMK Hub on Saturday (26th January 2008) to watch 老夫子 by JTeam.

大番薯 and Michelle Tay

辉哥 and 老夫子

辉哥 and Michelle Tay

In the show 辉哥 is Michelle Tay brother.

The cast with 老夫子and大番薯

Michelle Tay and 辉哥

优发 and 财神爷

Before the start of the show, went to the backstage to say hello to Michelle Tay and we took a picture together. The handsome guy beside Michelle is 翁兴昂 . Too bad 辉哥 is not around at that time.

The other day saw at TV that there will be a recording of 物物大交换 at AMK Hub so before going to watch the Jteam show, went to the 3rd storey to take a look, but nobody is there, and after the show, went up again and saw Mark Lee and Cavin Soh there doing the recording.

Dinner at Bt. Timah Food Centre on 29th January 2008

Yesterday, Carrie and i went to Bukit Timah to eat our favourite stringray, beside ordering stringray, we also order you tiao and hor fun.

Thanks to Carrie mom for the peanut puffs

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ebony & Ivory Sesame Seed Cookies on 28th January 2008

Last sat, went to the bakery shop to buy some bottle, but because the other type of bottle i used was out of stock, so left with no choice, i have to get this bigger bottle. Yesterday night, i tried making the Ebony & Ivory Sesame Seed Cookies, but because i run out of one of the ingredient, have to replace the upper bottle with a bit of another type of cookies.

CNY Cookies made on 27th January 2008

Last friday, i make pineapple tarts using rub-in-method, this time round, i make pineapple tarts using the emulsification method.

And also 3 bottles of Almond Cookies

Jessie Ng requested for a "new year cake", so bake her a butter cake as it is her favourite, but because i didn't lay the paper properly, so the outside of the cake looks so ugly.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Cashewnut Cookies/Pineapple Tarts/Brownies

cashewunt cookies

Today i was at home doing some cny cookies. I do not have the crescent shape cutter and forgot to buy it when i went to the bakery shop, so use the cookies cutter to do it instead.

Pineapple tarts using rub-in method

Total i make 2 bottles of pineapple tarts and 2 bottle cashewnut cookies. (1 set for my 四姑 and 1 set for my good friend Joyce)


Monday, January 21, 2008


Receive 肉干 recipe from Aunty Irene, and went to supermarket to buy ingredient yesterday night and i only used half of the recipe. After got home, marinade the ingredients and left it at the fridge till this morning. Ask my mum to help to 晒阳光 and did it in the evening. Didn't realise that the plastic size was wrong till saw the email today. Just now got some problem, so send an mms to Aunty Irene to consult her, she said that my 肉干 is too thick and instructed me on it, but it was too late liao because i have put all the 肉干 in the oven liao. I did not use 火炭烧烤 because i was too lazy to use it.


Yesterday went to 三姑 house, before going up to her house, went to the food court to have my lunch. This is the duck rice from Punggol Plaza, this store beside selling duck rice, also sell kway chap. Find that the duck rice is not bad.

堂弟 is also there.

There's a temple near 三姑 house and saw this snake there.

We wanted to go to the newly open sushi store to eat sushi at Punggol Plaza but because 堂弟 is there and he is 顽皮 and can't sit still, so we did not go to eat sushi and 三姑 prepare dinner.

Chinatown - 19th January 2008

sausage stall

crowds roaming around the stalls

Cute cute Minkey and Minnie mouse

Outside Chinatown Point

Every year before CNY, will surely go Chinatown to walk walk, it's so crowded on that day. But didn't buy anything on that day, find that it's a bit early. Shirley was there also, but too bad didn't bump into her.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Almond Cookies on 17th January 2008

Try doing the almond cookies with half of the recipe from 厨房笔记 yesterday night.

And packed into the container this morning.

Monday, January 14, 2008

13th January 2008

Went to Sicex 2008 at Suntec City yesterday to support friend who's doing roadshow there.

After that, was at Esplanade and notice that there's a free performance there which start at 7.30pm and the folks there are rehearsing for the performance, wanted to stay to watch the performanace, but in the later part of the day, the sky start getting dark, thinking that it will start to rain, so didn't stay to watch.

This picture is taken inside the Esplanade.

Changi Airport Terminal 3 on 12th December 2008

First time visiting Changi Airport Terminal 3 is during it's opening house, and since Terminal 3 started operating on 9th January 2008, so went to visit Terminal 3 last Saturday. As it's weekend, as usual, it's crowded with people going there to view the new terminal.

This fountain is at the basement, wanted to take this picture from the centre but there's people sitting there, so took it from the corner.

Shops at the basebase include Popeyes, foodcourt, NTUC, etc....

Flights Information Area

Check-in Area

This Orchid is from Terminal 2

Monday, January 07, 2008

Meat Ball

Today i prepare the meat ball and it is nice.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Song Chi KFC meal

Today after lunch at friend house, went to Vivo City and as her son loves KFC, we went to KFC at Harbourfront. See how much he is at enjoying his KFC meal.

Oink Oink Birthday Party at Aunty Irene house on 5th January

Yesterday was at Aunty Irene house, purpose : celebrate Ah Oink Birthday. Among those present are : Aunty Irene, Birthday Girl - Ah Oink, Small Oink, Nicole, JoannE, Shirley, Richard, Margaret, Anthony, Eileen, Becky, May, Mabel and also Oink maid (hope i didn't miss anyone name out).

Peanut Cookies

Tried doing the peanut cookies from 厨房笔记, but because im lazy to fried peanuts and grind finely, so i bought the ground peanut powder from bakery shop and did it.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Lychee Pudding

The other time i did a longan pudding, this time round, i tried it out with lychee.
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