Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Universal Studio In Osaka - Part 4

Too many people waiting to take photos, so only can take photos from one side.

Hard Rock Cafe which is within walking distance from Universal Studio.

Mee Siam cooked on Sun 22th July 2007

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Yesterday, i'm suppose to have an appointment, but when Aunty Irene called me asking me whether want to go to her place to learn how to make 豆沙饼, i was very tempted and postpone my appointment and went over to her place to learn. The 豆沙饼 is made by Oink Oink, Margaret and me with the guideance of Aunty Irene. Thank you Aunty Irene.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Steam Radish Cake and Fried Radish Cake on 17 July 2007

Steamed Radish Cake

From Steamed Radish to Fried Radish Cake

Curry Chicken Made on 16th July 2007

Long Galangai (Lengkuas)

At first has been wondering what is Long Galangai (Lengkuas)

Buah Keras
Buah Keras

Has also been wondering at first what is Buah Keras.

Curry Chicken

Didn't use whole chicken, but chicken breast meat and mid wings. The potatoes has been a bit hard, should have boil it longer.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

DJ De Jiang CD - Little Girl

Manage to get hold of DJ De Jiang at HMW Citylink.

Beauty & You

Manage to get hold of this magazine with Yong Mei as the cover girl in one of the book store in Vivo City.

Bake Chicken

Was testing out on the new oven when i first bought it, so tried to bake chicken.This was did some time ago.

Steam Pumpkin Cake

Tried doing Steam Pumpkin Cake some time ago, but forgot to post

Curry Puff


Curry Puff learn from DJ Violet 厨房笔记


Tried doing shortbread learn from a book borrowed from the library.

Bread Made by Margaret

Bread bake by Margaret. Posting on behalf of Margaret.

Sweet Bun

Yday, went to Aunty Irene's place to learn how to make sweet bun. Thank you, Aunty Irene for taking the time to teach the sweet bun.

Nicole and Oink Oink Little Piglet

Nicole with Oink Oink cute cute Little Piglet..

AXA Road Show

Me and my friend who is a Finanical Planner at AXA roadshow in Millenia Walk.

Left to Right : Friend Joyce, Her Manager Lilian, me

Oreo Cheese Cake

Oreo Cheese Cake made on Friday the 13th July 2007. Learn from DJ Violet 厨房笔记.

Mango Pudding and Egg Tart

Mango Pudding and Egg Tarts made on 11th July 2007. Learn fm DJ Violet 厨房笔记.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pineapple Tarts

Pineapple Tarts bake on mon 9th July 2007. Learn from DJ Violet 厨房笔记.
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