Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Chocolate Marble Cheese Cake

Today i decide to bake the Chocolate Marble Cheese Cake and as i pour in the cream cheese too quickly, this is what it turn out to be.

Mooncake baked on 28th August 2007

This is my first attempt trying to do mooncake on my own. It was not successful and it don't look like traditional mooncake. With Aunty Irene around, it look easy and everything is nice when it's ready. But when i do it on my own, haiz.....

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cousin Wedding Dinner on 25th August 2007

MC of the night, one of my cousin

Father saiding prayer giving thanks for the dinner

Family members toasting to the guests

二姑丈 younger brother Dr John Chen (Ex-MP) singing song. He can sing very well.

Janice younger sister singing song and the guy playing guiter is Dr John Chen son.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cousin Wedding (25th August 2007) - Part 3 - Church

Church wedding at Church of St Mary of the Angels

Father..... ( i do not know the name of the Father)

二姑丈and Janice

Exchanging of wedding ring

Signing of Marriage Register

Mr and Mrs Andrew

This is my 小姑and my cousin wife (大姑 daughter-in-law). At first we were wondering if my 小姑were to make it for the tea ceremony and the church wedding as she just reach Singapore around 5am this morning. (She was in Chicago for business trip, her job requires her to travel to Chicago often for meeting).

Cousin Wedding (25th August 2007) - Part 2 - Tea Ceremony

二姑和二姑丈(Janice Parents)

Tea Ceremony of Andrew and Janice to Janice parents

Andrew Parents

Tea Ceremony of Andrew and Janice to Andrew parents

This is my 大伯and his wife. They have three children. 2 daughters and a son. Their eldest daughter and son have migrate to the States. My 大伯wife keeps asking me to visit my cousins in the States during Summer as they bought a house there and that i can stay with them there, and also my cousin can show me around the States. Hopefully one of these days will have the opportunity to visit my cousins in the States.

Cousin Wedding (25th August 2007) - Part 1

The bestman and the bridegroom at the doorstep.

My 大姑(left), cousin Janice and 三姑(right).

My cousin Janice and her husband Andrew.

My 四姑 and my cousin (her second daughter).

Red Wine Residue Sweet and Sour Chicken Made on 23th August 2007

Actually i want to make the Red Wine Residue Chicken but i didn't get hold of the Glutinous rice wine and also at first not too sure what is rice wine residue. Only recently i got hold of the rice wine residue that i decide to do this dish, but i replace the meat as in the recipe to chicken breast meat.

Apple Enzyme Made on 22th August 2007

I bought this bigger bottle from Rochor Centre but didn't did the enzyme immediately as i could not get hold of green lemon. So after getting hold of the green lemon, i decide to do this bottle of apple enzyme.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Steam Mixed Fruit Cake

I am happy. I called my friend and ask her how is the cake that i made for them on tue. She told me that the comment from the cellgroup is good and that it was a success.

Thank You Aunty Irene for her guidance.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Could someone advise on whether if this is the correct thing to be used in cooking the 红酒糟咕噜肉.

Steam Mixed Fruit Cake made on 20th August 2007 (2nd attempt)

Made this Steam Mixed Fruit Cake yesterday, it sink a bit in the middle as compare to the first one which sink much more. But when i cut it, it looks ok to me. I have given this whole set of cake to my friend for her cellgroup tonight for them to comment.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Steam Mixed Fruit Cake

My Steam Mixed Fruit Cake is on the way... Wonder how is the outcome... Stay tuned for the results...

Pineapple Tarts Baked on 16th August 2007

This pineapple tarts was also made for my 四姑

Light Fruit Cake Baked on 16th August 2007

The receipe stated Sultanas and Mixed peel but i do not have these 2 items and as i have Mixed Fruits, i decided to try out this Light Fruit Cake using Mixed Fruits, but the bottom was burnt after baking. And i ask my mum to bring the cake for my 四姑.

云石巧克力芝士蛋糕 Baked on 18th August 2007

After Dorene and Shirley left, and also JoannE came to Aunty Irene's house after her trip to Kwong Cheong Thye, we learn to bake this 云石巧克力芝士蛋糕 together. This is my first time meeting JoannE and we have a fun time learning. After that the cake was cut into 3 portion, 1 portion to JoannE, 1 portion to 何先生 and 1 portion for me, but absent minded me forgot to bring back and i also didn't realise it until Aunty Irene called me.

Mooncake Baked on 18th August 2007

On sat, Shirley, Dorene and i was at Aunty Irene's house learning how to make mooncake. Was telling my friend that now i learn how to make mooncake liao, will make for her one of these day and this will motivate me not to be lazy and also i can practise what i learn from Aunty Irene. Thank's to Aunty Irene for her patience and guidance in teaching on how to make mooncake.

Mooncake and Marble Chocolate Cheese Cake

Hi All

My Mooncake and Marble Chocolate Cheese Cake will be post soon. Stay Tune.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Try out to do 豆沙饼,

Fish Mee Sua

Also one of my favourite dish Fish Mee Sua from Wang Jiao Cafe.

Nanta! 韩国打击乐团

Performance by Nanta!韩国打击乐团. Quite an interesting performance.

Class 95 Road Show by Glenn Ong and Jean Danker

Fish Porridge and 鱼生

My favourite fish porridge and 鱼生 from Alexandra Village hawker centre. Have tried fish porridge and 鱼生 from Redhill hawker centre and also at Chinatown, but still find that i prefer the one from Alexandra Village.

Wantan Mee from Hereen

This is my sat night dinner

Steam Cake Steamed on 10th August 2007

Steam this cake on friday and gave it to my friend on sat, at first she was saiding that it was too much as there's only her husband and her at home. Suggest that she pass it to her Church Fellowship Group to try as her Fellowship Group is on every sat night, but it happen on that night she helping out on a RC National Day Celebration Dinner and she won't be going for her Fellowship Group.

Called her today to ask her how's the cake and she told me that her husband likes the steam cake and ask her not to give it to the Fellowship Group.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sweet Potato Fritters Cooked on 9th August 2007

Finish cooking this just in time to watch the Channel 8 5.30pm news and then the National Day Parade.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

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