Monday, October 29, 2007

Dinner on 29th October 2007

((Deep-Fried Fish Fillet))

Last week i tried to do the deep fried fish fillet but the batter did not stick on the fish. So i decided to cut the fish into smaller pieces and fried it.

((cabbage fried with straw mushroom and prawn))

Sunday, October 28, 2007

蒸包 make on 28th October 2007

Today i try to make 蒸包 but because i do not have bamboo basket as the one that Aunty Irene use, i do normal steaming, so this is what is become of the 蒸包 i make.

Appearance of 881 cast at Travel Malaysia 2007 and Samsung Olympic Torch Bearer Challenge (27th October 2007)

Yesterday i bought my mum to Suntec City to watch the 881 cast performance and since there's a Samsung Olympic Torch Bearer Challange roadshow going on, went to take a look also.

刘玲玲和她的妹妹 Angie Lau

刘玲玲 和王雷

Papaya Sister



After the show ends, many people was at the Transtar counter to catch a glimpse of 刘玲玲and 明珠姐妹 and also to take picture with them.

These folks here are taking part in the Olympic Torch Bearer Challenge

Class 95FM DJ Glenn Ong

Love 972DJ Violet Fenying

987FM DJ Shan Wee and Gold 90.5FM DJ Tim O

FM972 DJ Violet Fenying and Class 95FM DJ Yasminne Cheng

25th October 2007

25th October 2007 is my birthday. I was a bit worried that morning as i was worried that i will be sa-bo at the 开心大闹钟 morning call. But i got a surprise afternoon call instead from 慧芬. At first i thought who's that as she used her office tel no. to call me.

I met my friend at Hereen for lunch at Sakae Sushi in Hereen as my friend office is in PUB Building. Actually thought of paying JoannE a surprise visit, but in the end drop the idea as do not want to disturb her.

Then meet up with another friend (she an insurance adviser, so her timing is flexible) in Parkway Parade for chit chat cum tea-break at Cystal Jade.

Then it was off to Suntec City for dinner at Kuishin Bo. The food at Kuishin Bo is nice and it's quite crowded on that day also, even one of my friend who is a typical Chinese food eater who have not tried Japanese food before praised the food there.

I was early so i decided to take some food first

This is the snow crab and my friend like it so much and keeps praising it.

A Hello Kitty cake from my friends

Marble Cake Baked on 24th October 2007

Marble cake just out of the oven using top and bottom heat.

Marble cake after cooling and before cutting.

Because i do not know how to 交替 the Marble cake, so could not get the nice nice pattern as the one in 厨房笔记。

Zion Road Food Centre Dinner on 23th October 2007

My friend and i went to Zion Road Food Centre for dinner on 23th Oct, we ordered Carrot Cake from our favourite stall - Lao Goh Teochew Chye Thow Kway to share and my friend ordered Prawn Noddles. Thought the prawn noddles cost $8 as the prawn is quite big, but was told it's $5.

Early Birthday Celebration at Aunty Irene house on 21st October 2007

I tried to do cream puff two weeks ago and was unsuccessful, so Aunty Irene ask me to go earlier to her place where she demo how to do Durian Puff. Thanks to Aunty Irene for showing me how to do Durian Puff.

Secretly taking picture of the super yummy Chocolate Pudding Cup Cake while Aunty Irene not looking...

Aunty Irene demo how to do 娘惹糯米竹棕.

Shirley in the midst of doing the 娘惹糯米竹棕.

Mango Mousse Cake

This is our yummy yummy food for that day.
25th October 2007 is my birthday, Aunty Irene and Kaypo Club members (Nicole, Mary, Dorene, Ah Oink, Small Oink, Mabel, JoannE, Joann, Richard, Margaret, Shirley) (hope i didn't miss out any names), celebrate my birthday on 21st October 2007. This is my first time meeting Joann. We have an enjoyable day on that day. And a thousand thanks to Aunty Irene for organising the celebration and her efforts in preparing the foods. Not forgetting JoannE for the Achar, Chocolate Moist Steam Cake, Kueh Ampar and 五香, Mary 红烧排骨 and Joann 果冻 and grapes.
感谢大家for the Birthday Celebration. 友谊万岁! And also looking forward for the next gathering...

Monday, October 22, 2007


Hi Blogger Friends

There will not be any update on my blog temporary as my home pc monitor is out of order. Update will resume once i get a new monitor.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Buffet Lunch at Cafe Vic in Carlton Hotel

Today, i went buffet at Cafe Vic in Carlton Hotel for buffet lunch with my friend and took some pic of the food of the buffet.

Was surprise to see that there is sashimi and sushi as i like japanese food.

Passion Fruit Cake

Chocolate Durian Cake

The chocolate durian cake is very nice, yummy yummy.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Steam Pork Rib and Chocolate Walnut Cookies on 19th October 2007

Steam Pork Rib

Chocolate Walnut Cookies

My cousin has been asking me, how come i make cake but not cookies. So i decided to try out on Chocolate Walnut Cookies again. This is my third attempt doing Chocolate Walnut Cookies. The first time i did it, i do not have a oven and a mixer and i used a toaster oven in doing it and it was burnt. The second time i do it, i do not have a mixer and the third time, with a oven and a mixer. But the cookies is not balance in shape, got big, got small.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


TODAY BAD BAD MOOD..... Irritate by a friend sms this morning...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

没有缘分的sponge cake

Tried doing sponge cake for a few time, but still not successful, 看来我和sponge cake没有缘分and also sponge cake 不喜欢我,that why not sucessful all the time, haiz...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Unsuccessful Cream Puff

Hi everyone, 救命, i try to do cream puff, but the puff turn out to be this, can anyone advise me on what went wrong...

Sweet & Sour Fish and 没有屁股的水煎包

Sweet and Sour Fish

After seeing Shirley making 水煎包 last sun, i decided to try to make myself, but in the end, it become 没有屁股的水煎包, i was wondering how come the bottom sticks to the pan, so i called Shirley and realise that i have to add in oil before i put in the bao and water.

The other day, i msg Nicole and ask her what did Aunty Irene put in the meat that make it so nice, she reply that she can't remember and ask me to give Aunty Irene a call but in the end, i invented my own meat by adding prawn, cabbage, koo chye, salt, pepper, oyster sauses, dark soy source, light soy source in it...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Jessie Leong Birthday celebration on 11th October 2007

Tomorrow (13th October 2007) is my friend Jessie Leong Birthday, yesterday (11th October 2007), Jessie Ng, Cynthia and i celebrated her birthday at a chinese resturant in Parkroyal Hotel in Kitchener Road. As i was early, i decided to take a walk from Little India Station to Parkroyal Hotel which is near to Farrer Park MRT station.

Some pictures taken while walking

Above 7 dishes than can be ordered once only.\

Yam Ring

Braised Pig Trotter but it don't looks attractive.

As it's a la carte buffet, so did not take picture of all dishes that we eat.

My friend wanted to arrange a cake from the restaurant but they do not have it and the resturant presented Jessie Leong with 寿桃 instead.

This box of Durian Puff is from Jessie Leong and it's also one of my favourite. Homemade by my friend??? No no no!!! It's bought from outside.
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