Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pork Ribs with Chestnut Soup

Today i am lazy to go Aunty Irene house learn new items, and Pork Ribs with Chestnut Soup comes into my mind yesterday when i come across lotus seed, and also i manage to buy chestnut at supermarket, i saw pork ribs at supermarket yesterday, but it don't looks attractive, so this morning i went to West Coast Market to buy pork ribs and prepare this soup.

Mainland Tropical Fish Farm/Aqua Fauna Centre-Kid's Kampong/Ericsson Pet Farm on 29th December 2007

Yesterday (Saturday) is a weekend, so decided to visit some places which have not been to before. This time round, went to Pasir Ris Area.

First stop is MainLand Tropical Fish Farm

Beside those fishes in the pond, there are many types of fishes for sales too.

Then it's off to Aqua Fauna Centre and Kid's Kampong.

Those who wants to do some fishing, can pay a small fee to go in to catch small fishes.

There's a pet hotel there also, at first thought that this dog belongs to the owner there, but it is not, and was told that people can send in their dog there if they are away and they do dog training too.

Then went to Ericsson Pet Farm, it's quite a distance from the main road and there's no bus going in there , luckily it is not raining, if not, it will be inconvenient. But quite disappointed with this place, as nothing much there to see. They sell dogs/cats/pets accessories, etc...

These are some of the dog saw from there.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Day 25th December 2007

Crowds that have been forming in the afternoon

Crews preparing the stage for the performance at night.

Have been going to Orchard Road for the past few years during Christmas Day at night time and it is extremely crowded, but this year for a change, went in the afternoon instead and as usual it is crowded also. Last year Christmas Day was an unlucky year for me as i lost my hp in Orchard Road. When alighted at Orchard MRT station, friends and i was telling each other that we switch our hp to the loudest ringing tone so that if we lost each other, we can hear the ringing tone when we contact each other. After walking for some time, we went to Wisma Food Republic to have a drink when i realise that my hp is missing. Friend use her hp to call my hp and it is off. It was then that i realise that my hp is stolen or pickpocket. If i were to drop my hp, my hp won't be switch off but it was off. This incident remind me that i have to be careful with my belonging next time.

Monday, December 24, 2007


This afternoon, boil this 玉竹鸡汤 and it is yummy yummy.

Lijun house on 23th December 2007

Yesterday, 23th December 2007, Carrie and i went to Lijun house. She cook lunch for us.

Mid-Wing Chicken

Salmon Fish

Most importantly of all, our favourite steamed dumpling. Lijun know that Carrie and i like her dumpling so whenever we go to her house, she will cook dumpling for us.

Papaya Soup

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Longan Pudding/Butter Cookies/Pandan Butter Cake

Longan Pudding

I do not have the pudding mould, so i use another type of mould to do it.

Butter Cookies from 厨房笔记

Pandan Butter Cake

Aftering trying the Pandan Butter Cake at Aunty Irene house last sun and also i didn't do it correctly the other time, today i try it again. But the top was a bit burnt again.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Honey Baked Chicken Drumstick

Seeing Shirley make the Honey Baked Chicken Wing, i kiasu, so try out the Honey Baked Chicken Drumstick, but i took out the skin. Find that i prefer the Honey Char Siew..

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Coffee Butter Cake

Coffee Butter Cake comes into my mind, so yesterday consult Aunty Irene whether if the new Butter Cake recipe can be used to make Coffee Butter Cake, and she teach me the method of doing it. Thanks to Aunty Irene for the guidance.

After Aunty Irene see the cake, sure kanna 打屁股by her because the top of the cake turn out to be burnt. No wonder i smell a burning smell instead of the cake smell when inside the oven. But the inside of the cake is still okie. After trying it, i find that i still prefer the Pandan Butter Cake as it is more fragrant.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Day at Aunty Irene house on 16th December 2007


vegetable with 虾米

sweet bun

Pandan Butter Cake

Actually 2day i was half hearted to go Aunty Irene house because i wanted to watch the yearly 红星大奖, but Aunty Irene said she will be making 宫保鸡丁, 焦糖布丁蛋糕,Butter Cake (New recipe), i was tempted, so i went to her house.

Met Linda who is there to learn sweet bun. Nicole, Margaret and i also made a set of sweet bun, but most of it was made by Nicole and Margaret (i make only 2) because i can't think of any pattern to make. Shirley came after we finish making the sweet bun, and Aunty Irene teach us 宫保鸡丁, and also how to fry 虾米。Our yummy yummy lunch of the day is 宫保鸡丁,vegetable with 虾米, and porriage with sweet potato.

Then Aunty Irene teach us Pandan Butter Cake and 焦糖布丁蛋糕. But i didn't wait for the 焦糖布丁蛋糕 to be set in the fridge and also the new recipe Butter Cake because i was rushing home to watch the 红星大奖.

Jalan Kayu and Mycofarm on 15th December 2007

Indian Rojar

Rota Prata

Heard that Jalan Kayu is good for it's roti prata, so was there yesterday to try it out. Find that it's only so so and it's 90 cents a piece. Further down, there another stall selling roti prata and that stall is more crowded. Then went to look look around. Came across a Mycofarm (Mushroom Farm), it about 15 ~ 20 mins walk from the main road so went in to take a look, but too bad can't take picture. And from there i get to know abit more about mushroom.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pandan Butter Cake baked on 11th December 2007

Not satisfy with this cake that i tried out, because the colour looks artificial and also that the coconut milk that i squeeze out is watery.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Mini Log Cake made on 9th December 2007

Called up Aunty Irene on sat and ask her if i can go to learn baking, and ask her what i can learn, she said i have not learn Log Cake, so on lah, yesterday went to her place to learn Log Cake. Before going to her place, went to Phoon Huat to get some baking needs, and i bought the smallest box for the Log Cake, Aunty Irene ask me how come i buy such a small box, told her i just want a mini Log Cake.

Met Sally Foo, Michelle Gan, Francis (Michelle boyfriend), Lee Chin (Michelle friend). Lee Chin is there to learn fruit cake and i took the opportunity to learn the procedure in doing a fruit cake. And Sally is there to learn Tiramisu.

Margaret came after she finish doing her housework and Mary also came in the evening.

My mini Log Cake is completed with the help of Aunty Irene and Margaret. Thank u Aunty Irene and Margaret.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Visit to Farmart

There's a small animal corner with different types of animals there.

Different type of fish for sales

seafood for sales

plants for sales

Wonder what is this, can someone advise me what is this?

Have got information about Farmart from internet at and since there's a shuttle bus from CCK (fare is 50 cents per trip, so to and fro will be $1), so decided to pay a visit to Farmart to see how is it like. There's a zi char stall there which is not bad.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Honey Char Siew And Chocolate Pudding Cup Cake on 5th December 2007

Honey Char Siew
I seldom listen to the radio in the afternoon, but on monday i tune in to Violet program and heard her mention the ingredients for the Honey Char Siew. Have all the ingredient needed, so ask my mum to buy the pork. Immediate print out the recipe on Tuesday night after Aunty Irene post it and marinate the pork next day in the morning and bake it in the evening.

Chocolate Pudding Cup Cake
After eating the chocolate pudding cup cake at Aunty Irene house, i fell in love with it because it is very nice and also that i like chocolate (but cannot eat too often lor, must control weight mah), i ask Aunty Irene how to do it, and after getting the recipe from her, i kan cheong and cannot wait to do it, so quick quick start doing it. Aunty Irene was saiding abt the brand of chocolate that is nice and can be bought from PH, but i didn't go PH and i have a baking bar unsweeten chocolate bought from supermarket in the fridge, so use that to do it.
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