Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Blogger Friends Meetup - 26th Oct 2008

Yesterday, i was at JB Tebrau city~red box to meetup with some blogger friends. I reach Malaysia checkpoint at about 10.20am and manage to clear immigration at abt 11.05am although all the counters are open. It was very crowded at the checkpoint. Thanks to Marytance for picking me up at City Square.

Thanks to Catherine for the invitation and organizing of this gathering. Her purpose of this gathering is to hold a farewell for Marytance who's going to New Zealand this coming Friday for a short living.

(L to R) : 丘妈妈May, Catherine, Serene, Marytance

Serene daughter Xixi

Pumpkin Cake

Agar Agar

Pumpkin Cake and Agar Agar made by Catherine

Seafood Cheese Baked Rice

Lemon Tea

The package include a lunch and a drink. I ordered a seafood cheese baked rice and a lemon tea. Catherine suggested add RM2 to order a bigger glass of lemon tea as the standard glass is quite small.

Gifts from Marytance

This picture is taken Catherine blog as i forgot to take picture before eating.

土产 from May

Handphone strip from May

Toothpick holder from Serene

Although this is the first time i have met up with them, find that time flies very fast and we had an enjoyable time together. I feel so pai seh to receive those gifts. I feel bad for going there empty-handed.

Catherine, don't forget about me the next round if there is any gathering ya. Thanks to your hubby for driving me to the checkpoint.

Would like to wish Marytance Bon-Voyage!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Akira for the birthday post in his blog. Appreciate it very much!!!

I will be away from tomorrow till Sat.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

25th Oct/26th Oct

First of all today is Vincent birthday, i would like to wish him Happy Birthday!!! And also good health and many good returns...

Tomorrow is 阿珊 birthday, i would like to wish her Happy Birthday!!! An also good health and many good returns...

Today is also my birthday and one of my good friend NK Siah birthday, she's working on shift and she needs to work today, so we can't celebrate our birthday together today.

非常感谢 阿香 for the well-wishes and the post in her blog. I am so touch.

Thank you very much 阿香 !!!

Muaks... Muaks... to 阿香

I am so happy that through blog, i can have the opportunity to get to know new friends.

But the saddest part is to know that there's a person from the blogging world who comment that i post too often and that if that person is not happy with my post and what i write is not of suitability to that person, i will get scolding from that person. (Not through comment in blog but in private).

难道 my own blog, i can't choose what i want to post!!!

难道 my own blog, i can't write my own feeling, my own thoughts!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Admiralty Park

The other time saw from newspaper about this park, was there to take a look.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dinner At HANS/Coffee Session at Coffee Bean

There's a Hans near my friend office and it's sells yummy yummy Pork Chop and Curry Chicken. The other time went to try the pork chop and curry chicken and it is very yummy. (Didn't take picture the other time). Miss the curry chicken, so went back there to eat the chicken curry. Not all Hans sell the curry chicken and the pork chop, only certain places sell it.

Curry Chicken

Silver Fish Fried Rice

Coffee Session at Coffee Bean!!!

With a piece of Cheece Cake

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Travel Malaysia 2008

There's a Travel Malaysia Fair at Singapore Expo last weekend. Was there to take a look.

Twin Tower

There's also some performances going on

Seat inside the coach

This coach goes only to KL

This coach goes only to Genting

There's some coaches there for visitors to view it. Visitors are able to board the coach to take a look at the inside of the coach.

Have board the coach to take a look. The question that comes into my mind to ask the staff when board the coach is :

Does this coach goes to Penang?

Why Penang?

It's because one of these day DIE DIE Must go Penang....

Look for Who?

Of course it's to look for 鼎鼎大名的思胜, kekeke...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yong Tau Foo/Putu Pirang

yong tau foo


Sauce for the yong tau foo

The other time saw from Akira blog that he went KL and he eat yong tau foo, told him that one of my favourite food is yong tau foo too, he ask me to post up Singapore yong tau foo, reply that i will post it up after i go and eat, there it goes!!!

This putu pirang is from Geylang Serai, it is the best in Singapore that i have ever eat and selling at 3 for S$1. Normally there is many people queuing for it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fried Seafood Tofu

The other time i saw this fried seafood recipe in a newspaper, so i decided to try it out. It is nice to eat, but i did till the 外表 is not very 理想.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Advance Birthday Gift from Friends

Saw from Ksteeng1122 blog that she's sending out to blogger friend nice nice gifts made by her, so i wrote as follows in her blog :

sharon : sure is not me...

ksteeng1122 : Sharon, why u sure is not u? Haha.....but u r right for this time......hehe

sharon : Wonder when got chance to receive such a nice nice gift from u... whahahahaha......

ksteeng1122 : Sharon, sure got chance! So, u must publish a post abt ur birthday, then i am sure u will receive something from me.....hehe

Wonder is it post consider a birthday post???

And also saw from 浚妈妈 blog she wrote abt 天蝎座 which is the same 星座 as me and her birthday is a day later than me, and Vincent leave a comment there about his Date of Birth, 巧合的是, our birthday is on the same day.

The other time Chobits was ask me when is my birthday, i was telling her to stay tune at Akira blog.

Normally during my friends and my birthday, we will usually go out to have a good meal, this round i told my friends that i wanted a gift, that is a bear from Build-A-Bear Workshop instead of a meal. My friends got me this bear.

Come with it is a Birth Certificate. The date of birth in it is the date that my friend bought the bear.

My friends was mentioning beside the bear, they will still buy me a meal, but as my friends is going for a holiday, they will buy me a meal when they are back from their holiday.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Dinner on 9th Oct 2008

Was at Lawry's the Prime Ribs at Paragon in Orchard Road to celebrate friend birthday last Thursday.



Birthday girl and me order the The Lawry's Cut

There's a sauce for it in which i forgot to take picture of it

A big portion in which i can't finish it

Two other friend order Atlantic Lobster Tails

Sauce for Atlantic Lobster Tails

Sauce for Atlantic Lobster Tails

Fruit Platter

Compliment birthday cake from the resturant for the birthday girl

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